Digital Radiographs

We offer digital dental radiographs (X-rays) to all of our patients. Digital X-rays have many advantages over traditional film based systems.

1. Digital radiographs are more sensitive than traditional style X-rays, therefore they require a lower amount of radiation exposure for the patient.

2. Digital radiographs are much quicker than processing traditional films. After the radiograph is taken, it immediately appears on the computer monitor for viewing and interpretation.

3. Digital radiographs allow for easier and clearer communication between dentists, insurance companies and patients. The images can be emailed, magnified, and highlighted.

4. Digital radiographs are friendlier to the environment that film based X-rays. The chemicals needed to develop film X-rays are no longer needed with the new digital system. Also, there is less waste associated with digital X-rays.

Radiographs on a computer screen