Smile Gallery

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Case 1: 6 Porcelain veneers with gum recontouring

Case 2: This patient disliked the dark space in between her teeth and the discoloration. 2 porcelain veneers solved this issue for her.

Case 3: This patient was born without 2 front teeth. Dental implants and porcelain crowns restored her smile.

Case 4: Porcelain onlays are a strong and esthetic solution to older silver fillings that are in need of replacement.

Case 5: This patient had worn and sensitive front teeth. 8 porcelain veneers made a huge improvement in this patient's smile.

Case 6: Extremely natural looking crowns in a patient with a darker shade.

Case 7: A full mouth reconstruction with crowns, veneers and partial dentures.

Case 8: Full mouth reconstruction due to severe tooth wear.

Case 9: Cosmetic bonding of the two front teeth greatly improved shape and contour.

Case 10: This patient was born without lateral incisors. After orthodontic treatment, bonded bridges replaced her missing teeth without any surgery.